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The maintenance of the guitar.

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:February 27, 2018

A novice friend is sure to be enthusiastic and protective when he comes into contact with the guitar.But most people are three minutes of blood, not to pay attention to the maintenance of the guitar in a few days, there are also several friends not to point to the board broken or the panel broken, it is a pity.Here are a few common maintenance experiences, for real lovers, the guitar is our comrade-in-arms.

First of all, to his guitar for a violin case, to damp the sort of, at ordinary times need not when can the guitar on the piano box, more common is black leather, cloth, of course, the guitar bag can also.

Second, protect the strings.Many friends will find their common strings of rust, especially in the five or six fingers often contact position, the strings are covered with green or different degree of fade, so give the guitar alone to prepare a clean glasses cloth of cotton.Wipe gently after each use, removing grease stains from the fingers to reduce rust.

Guitar maintenance

Third, prepare a brace for the guitar.Temporarily need not when can the guitar on the harp on the shelf, do not pay attention to a lot of friends when guitar against the wall, can get the guitar, don’t care a bit light lead to damage of grover, severe cases may cause refers to the fracture of the plate.

Fourth, don’t put your guitar near the heater. Don’t put the guitar in direct sunlight.Because the wood of the guitar, the temperature is high can cause the deformation of the wood itself, the most common is the hot place to rise up, this delicate equipment is a fatal blow to the guitar.

Fifth, if it is for a long time, such as a business trip, make sure to tune the strings to a relaxed state.There is no tension in the long term tension, and the tone is naturally inaccurate.Put the guitar in the box, and you can put a bag of desiccant in the box.

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