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Technique for playing the guitar.

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:March 22, 2018

On the right hand side, there is a mysterious force behind the right hand side.I call this mysterious force the “realm” of the right hand.Remember when learning, the teacher told me of his right hand law to the realm of “I don’t have the party declared the outbreak of the power and the right hand in his right hand fatigue, as if my fingers were off by some distance, is like” qigong, “a finger on the string a breeze through, the beautiful voice will show it….Mr. Shen has a beautiful voice and a strong penetrating power. The same piano, the same music is wonderful in his hands.To achieve this “state” is that every guitar player must have some people playing the piano, and the volume is small and the tone is thin and not penetrating.Instead of vibrating the whole instrument with the vibration of the string, the vibration of the string is probably incorrect.Once you have a problem like this, don’t panic and be afraid, you should calmly find out where you are wrong, and then reason to correct it.It is impossible not to make mistakes. The key is that we should have good learning methods and be good at discovering and correcting our mistakes.Good learning is one of the keys to success.It is certainly a good thing to learn to play with a good guitar teacher, but if you are self-taught, you must think and compare.Find opportunities to communicate with others;Listen to the tape or watch music for more than your friends.

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