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Right hand refers to chord technique.

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Most guitar students put 90 percent of their attention and effort on their left hand.The limitation of this situation is that they usually ascribe errors in the performance only to errors in the left hand.In fact, the sound of a note is usually produced by two hands, in addition to the string, hook, vibrato, and other grace notes.Therefore, it is necessary to treat both hands equally.

Most guitarists improve their left hand faster than their right hand.But when both hands are fully developed, the right hand actually “rules” the left hand.There are many ways to play the strings.

In fact, there are many styles of finger play.The traditional way of playing the thumb and the next three fingers are used.In some ballad style, the thumb and two fingers are used very well.I play with my thumb and all the other four fingers.The chart below shows the finger-pointing name of the right hand.

Thumb = p Thumb

First finger = I index finger.

Middle finger is the Middle finger.

Third finger = a ring finger.

Pinkie = c little finger.

Usually, p refers to the control of six strings and five strings, whereas I means on four strings, m means on three strings, a means on two strings and c on a string.If p is playing on five and four strings, then I will be on three strings, m on two strings and a on a string.Different pieces of music and exercises require different positions of fingering.This is flexible.

One of the good things about a projectile technique is that you don’t have to worry about which strings you can play, or the notes that you don’t want to play in the chords.All you’re playing is the notes you want to hear.It also reduces or increases the volume of a single note in a chord.Another advantage of playing the guitar is that it is the only way to make chords sound at the same time.When playing a note with a dial or thumb, the notes are always followed by a sound behind the other.The sound of a play technique sounds like a keyboard instrument playing — all the notes in a chord at the same time.There are a lot of complex chords that are not possible to use the dials to sound at the same time.Spend some time practicing your right hand technique.In return, it will give you more flexibility and versatility.This technique also allows you to play many other styles of music.

Most jazz guitarists play with the first two fingers, as they do with classical guitar playing, when it comes to the ability to play monophonic melodies.Some guitarists alternate between thumb and forefinger.There are many classical guitar teaching materials for reference.Those who wish to keep using the dials should study this technique.

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