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How to appreciate the quality of guitar?

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For laymen, the technical level of guitar is sometimes difficult to distinguish, of course, such as wrong cutting, saw marks, seams are not strict and other defects can be easily seen; while some other problems are more difficult to identify, for example, the neck and body of the combination of V-shaped connection or oblique connection.
Most modern guitars use catalytic acrylic paint, which is very durable and does not affect sound quality if the coating is not too thick. In the guitar factory, the painting process takes 5 days. Twenty-five to fifty years ago, the guitar used nitrocellulose paint. Because of the long drying time and the need for polishing, the painting process took several weeks. The most time-consuming paint is French paint (mostly insect paint), which takes 30 hours and generally takes 4-8 weeks to complete. The appearance of the above-mentioned paints is different, and each of them has a slight impact on the sound quality. Which one is the best is a matter of opinion. In general, high quality French paint is the most expensive.
Handfeel: A guitar player feels influenced by many factors, such as the angle of the neck, whether the neck is bent, the shape and smoothness of the sound, and the height of the bridge. .
Low-pitch guitars are easy to play, but they are not conducive to the long-range and sustainability of sound. Therefore, many well-trained concert performers tend to raise the pitch, and such guitars will be uncomfortable for performers who lack professional training. In the presence of large audiences and without amplification equipment, guitar strings are required to be high, while low-quality strings are more suitable for recording or malting.
guitarHow to appreciate the quality of guitar

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