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How to improve the playing skills of electric guitar?

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:November 16, 2018

1) good piano posture.
It’s hard for beginners to understand the importance of correct posture, so after a few years of playing the guitar, the skills stagnate. Hand and body posture is very important to improve performance skills. The correct posture can make people feel comfortable and relaxed.
Before practicing the piano every day, we must use some time to find out the playing posture that suits the characteristics of our fingers, rather than blindly imitate others’playing posture. Everyone’s height and finger size are different, which must be noted.
(2) the first step into practice.
When most performers start practicing every day, they start with the technique of moving their fingers, which is called “finger gymnastics”. This exercise is good for the flexibility of fingers. Start with slow and solid tones. Pay attention to the use and connection of each finger, timbre, intensity, etc. Etudes specially designed for finger movements are easy to find.
(3) scale practice
Scale practice is the best way to solve the coordination of two hands and improve skills. Attention should be paid to the skills of holding the piano posture, touching strings, timbre, timbre, fluency, intensity, rhythm length and smooth tone.
It is very important to play the scale to keep the close connection between the left hand fingering and to follow it without interruption. The degree of force in the right hand should be as consistent as possible. The direction of the left hand should be noticed in horizontal and vertical directions. The changing strings, changing fingers and changing positions of the left hand must be prepared in advance.
In order to acquire fast and fluent scaling skills, first of all, you must slow down to practice. Only when you slow down, you can not let go of every detail. It is not advisable to pursue simple and fast control without tuning intonation and timbre.
The practice of scale can be divided into several stages. Practice on a fixed position (as the first one). Secondly, you can enter the 24 major and minor scales of Segovia, but don’t start with all 24 scales to do the same exercises. At first, only C major and A minor scales are used. After the connection and transposition of fingering are fully skilled, all scales are put into practice. At the same time, you can also divide the scale into various forms (such as various rhythms, rhythms, strength, smooth tones, etc.) to practice the smooth tone is the best way to improve the skills of the left finger.
(4) decomposition chord exercise
After the scale practice, you can enter the chord practice. Disintegration of chords is the most commonly used basic technique in guitar music. The main technique is to play with the right hand. The power of the right hand is not from the wrist and arm, but from the various combinations between fingers. This action is different from the normal finger work, so the fingers must be adapted to the chords played.
There are a lot of exercises for decomposing chord skills for guitar training. Sol, Giuliani, Aguardo, Carl Casey and Tarega all have excellent decomposition chord etudes. It is best to practise systematically and systematically. At the same time, you can also find some pieces of each piece with decomposition chords, so that you can know more about the music works. Decomposition of chords is a complex and complicated action. In many textbooks in the past, the application of thumb is too casual. Therefore, when we enter the advanced stage, there are many people who feel laborious. The reason is that there is no systematic practice of thumb chord stop and hook string. The most important thing in practicing chord decomposition is to pay attention to the combination of thumb and other fingers, especially the strength control of each tone. Thumb chord stop must be able to fully play in the flow of chord decomposition.
(5) other exercises.
After practicing all the above techniques, choose your own Etudes in a planned way. Finally, practice your own repertoire, focusing on less skilled repertoires. Difficult phrases and periods should be slowed down and practiced repeatedly.

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