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Basic knowledge of strings

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:October 19, 2018

1. Good strings should have good timbre, fast setting, stable pitch, good playability (finger safety, strings responsive) and long life (if you play for 2 hours a day, the strings should last about 3 months).
3. It’s a good idea to listen to others’opinions, but be aware that different people have different criteria for judging strings. For example, an instrumentalist would prefer strings that are not too distinctive (neither too bright nor too soft) to highlight the guitar itself. A performer, on the other hand, often has his or her own choice of voice (simple bass, bright tenor, etc.). And these preferences do not have absolute aesthetic standards, it depends on the guitar itself and the player’s style. Therefore, a set of regular strings is not necessarily the best choice.
4. String tension is a big aspect, there are many things to say, tension for the strings is necessary, we rely on the tension of the strings to achieve different pitches, generally speaking: tension generally divided into ultra-low, low, medium, high, ultra-high five levels. The tension level on a string depends on the standard length determined by the manufacturer (for example, 648 mm for Dadario, if the string is mounted on the guitar and used longer than 648 mm, then higher tension is required, and less tension is required if less than 648 mm, so string tension is considered. Don’t forget the different standard lengths. The higher the tension of the guitar is, the thicker the string is. The thicker the strings are, the more soft and smooth the sound is. The harder the material, the brighter the sound (such as the carbon pitch string).
The lower the tension, the more comfortable the string is, but it also increases the likelihood of punching (of course, the main problem with punching is the guitar itself). The greater the tension does not mean the greater the volume. Higher tension strings vibrate more strongly, but this form of vibration does not play a major role in volume. The guitar itself, especially its internal frame, plays an important role in this aspect. A typical example: a set of ultra-high-tension strings may have put too much pressure on the panel to start blocking sound production. When considering the use of ultra-high tension strings, be sure to check with your guitar manufacturer that your instrument is able to withstand the tension of the strings. Many producers do not recommend that you use super high tension strings on their guitars. Most players feel comfortable with strings of medium, high or mixed tension. I don’t recommend low tension or ultra-low tension strings because the sound is certainly thinner than most players think.

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