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An indispensable artifact for guitarists–Kyser tuning clip

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Qianfan Musical Instrument is now officially acting as Kyser Series Products: Kyser Modifier, Sound Hole Humidifier, Nursing Oil
1. Why do you need a tuning clamp?
The tonal sandwich originated in the twentieth century, when many musicians were trying to replace their fingers with various things to meet their performance needs.
As Clarence Brown said: I first tried with a pencil and something else. Why? Because I want to use all my fingers. I saw people pressing horizontally with one index finger and strings with other fingers, which was very troublesome. So I decided to come up with a way to use something else to completely free my fingers.
The advantage of the tonal sandwich is that the guitarist can use the first open chord in any mode to achieve fuller tone and more complete resonance. Therefore, whether for beginners or skilled people, its ability on the neck of the guitar can not be underestimated, or even say, he is an indispensable equipment for today’s guitar lovers.
In the early rock band musicians can also see the shape of this artifact tonal sandwich. Beatles and Rolling Stones, for example, also use tonal sandwiches to try and achieve remarkable results. Some of their classic songs, such as the Beatles’HereComesthe Sun, Nowhere Man, SheSaid Said and Norwegian Wood, and guitar accompaniments such as the Rolling Stones’ Tumbling Dice, Midnight Rambler and Happy, all benefit from the use of tonal sandwiches. In addition, many rock musicians use it extensively, including JMascis, Willson-Piper and Juliana Hatfield.
2. What kind of adjustable clip to choose:
In the face of a variety of tone sandwiches, how do you choose? This may be a problem, but in fact, you don’t have to worry about it. Each tonal sandwich has its advantages and disadvantages. We need to experience the convenience and innovation brought to us by various clamps in order to make them use better.
For example, Kyser tonal clip (commonly known as clip tonal clip), the advantage of this kind of clip is that it is very good in pitch, accurate change of tone, not easy to appear the problem of murmur strings. It is not harmful to the neck of the guitar and has a long service life. It is very popular with guitar lovers.
Kyser clip
3. Kyser Modifier Video Demonstration:
TraceBundy’s legendary finger-pointing “Lovesong” – Breedlove Guitar + 3 Kyser clips
Trace Bundy: A Master Character who Exhibits Fingerballs
He started playing guitar at the age of 11, and because he couldn’t pay for his guitar lessons, he studied by himself. It is because of self-study that it has a great impact on his later formation of a set of playing skills and styles.

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