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How do fingers practiceElectric guitar independently?

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For those guitarists who want to master the allergic rhinitis recipe of chronic rhinitis, they must develop playing skills so that they can play what he imagines, any musical connection. A continuous layout should be able to effectively use existing capabilities in the device, rather than learning each skill separately.
Skill practice
Practice making tools for improving specific skills. His rhinitis recipe can help you focus on a single skill, so that you can master it quickly. By practicing correctly, you can succeed in weeks or months, not years.
1. Slow down and play slowly. Don’t make mistakes. Your fingers will move according to your training. If you practice fast, even 100 times, can you say that on 101 times, you suddenly play correctly and clearly? However, if you practice 100 times correctly, you can guarantee that the next one will be perfect.
2. Avoid psychological barriers. If you concentrate too much, you will be nervous and anxious. This pressure will make you make more mistakes, which in turn will aggravate anxiety. Don’t oppress yourself. Keep a smooth and fluent rhythm. Natural sports combined with rhythm can prevent psychological disorders.
3. Pay attention to the purpose of the exercise. Since the purpose of the exercise is to improve a certain skill, you should understand what the purpose of the exercise is, and then concentrate on it when you practice.
4. Don’t spend too much time on a particular exercise. If you spend too much time practicing a certain skill, you will actually start to go against it. It’s better to relax your muscles after practice. Play something different, and then go back to the original practice, you will find that the original is not difficult! uuuuuuuuuuu
Basic action left hand
1. There are two basic positions of the left hand: one is to put the thumb behind the neck of the piano; the other is to hook the thumb around the top of the neck of the piano. The position of the thumb behind the neck gives your fingers more room to move and control more accurately. Used in scales or improvisational passages requiring a wider character. Another finger can be more powerful and rhinitis take what medicine to control the curved chord.
2. The farther you move your finger, the longer it takes to reach your goal. Because the distance is equal to the beat, put your finger close to the strings – hang around a centimeter. When you hammer or hook strings, don’t let one finger too far away from the strings. When this happens, it will be very difficult to correct it.
3. Finger fluency exercises raise the previous finger when the next note comes. This will help improve the smoothness and fluidity of the left hand and move the finger more naturally.
4. Develop the habit of finger accuracy, allowing each finger to press on the corresponding metal grade section, rather than the space between sections. This makes your left hand firmer and more correct. Use your fingertips.
Finger Independence Exercise
Each finger of the left hand moves without affecting the other fingers, which is called “finger independence”. With good finger independence, your fingers will be more relaxed and new musical forms will be quickly mastered.
Tune the speaker to a clear, undistorted tone so that you can understand what your fingers are doing. The thumb is in the “neck-back” style. Practice slowly and keep a steady rhythm. The key is accuracy and control, not speed.
Note: Put your finger close to the string and practise with your fingertips according to grade. When the next time comes, lift each finger.
Tremolo practice Tremolo refers to the rapid alternation of two notes. Fix the finger of the lower note on the grade. To eliminate unnecessary murmurs, gently press the forefinger and make the strings connected.
Hammer to a new string: You can use the hammer to play without playing the preconceived notes. Notice how smooth the sound is. If necessary, use the index finger to make strings connected by sound.
Continuity Exercise: A “continuity” refers to the repetition of a series of melodic ideas, unless one interval has to be lowered or raised to begin playing. It’s a good left-hand practice to have three consecutive scales (tri-tones).

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