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Guitar Recitals Pursue Hierarchy among Instruments

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:December 19, 2018

The vocabulary of “musicality” and “hierarchy” is popular in the guitar circle. Listen to the new words. Today, I want to talk with you about the “hierarchy” of the repetition.
Guitar Recitals Pursue Hierarchy among Instruments
This sense of hierarchy may be manifested in the following aspects
1. The space position of the repeater is different when playing live.
When listening to live performances, there is a proper distance between the positions where the repeater sits, and the spatial sense of the music source that the audience can distinguish with their ears. This requires a high level of on-site environment, especially for classical guitar playing. It involves the size of the environment, the placement of the seats of the audience, the distance between the seats of the repeaters and so on, which complement each other. The stage also pays attention to the golden section, but I think it is more reflected in the audience’s visual comfort.
2. The Player’s Grasp of the Level of Musical Intensity
The intensity of each part of a piece of music is very strict. A guitar may play the role of texture in a phrase or even from beginning to end, so its range and range of dynamics are generally subordinate to the mood of the whole music. Sometimes it’s green leaves, of course sometimes it’s a guide.
Generally speaking, solo players have strong self-perception and self-expression in music. If they do not have strict training and good guidance in ensemble, they will lack strong cooperation consciousness, cooperation ability and even cooperation mentality, and they will not be able to play a good ensemble.
Several domestic ensembles differ greatly from foreign ensembles in this respect.
3. Unified Understanding and Understanding of the Representation Method of Rhythm and Phrase by the Quartet Cooperators
In fact, this is the understanding and expression of music. There are many details in this respect, not three or five sentences can make sense, later want to open a special post to say.
4. Differences in Some Skills of Cooperators

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