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The Importance of Learning Solfeggio in Playing Practice

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:December 24, 2018

The importance of learning sight singing in playing practice.
The instrument of singing is yourself, pronounced through the throat.
It’s a waste to have this instrument and not use it in playing.
As the saying goes, you can’t see your shortcomings.
But with the help of sight-singing, many problems can be solved by themselves.
Know it and know what to do.
Solfeggio is a testing tool for one’s own performance.
A comparison shows whether your laryngeal instrument is good or your guitar is good.
Even though I think it’s better to play the guitar, I still pay attention to sight-singing.
By singing solfeggio melody, harmony, bass and drum point contrast to multi-part guitar performance, many benefits.
I can’t sing at absolute pitch.
Listening to singing is a good choice.
Singing along with the guitar, singing melody, and harmony gives the drumbeat feeling, bass line contrast performance finds problems and solves them.

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