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Summary of common problems in Electric guitar learning

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:December 24, 2018

After Diving too long, I come up to catch my breath from time to time. In fact, my experience of playing the piano in the past few years can not be described as twists and turns, but also as a stumbling block. From the initial ballad to bass and then to the violin, the technology has not made much progress, but there are a lot of feelings and experience. At the end of last century, when I first learned folk songs, guitar fans did not have as much information as they do now. However, many of them, with their indomitable perseverance, made up several textbooks and purchased tapes, were hard-wired. Although there were some shortcomings, their love for guitar was not acceptable. Questioned. Nowadays, there are more and more guitar fans in China, and more and more new people in GC. They often ask the same questions. Sometimes, people are a little tired of aesthetics. Today, when my younger brother is not talented, he talks with you about his experience and views on playing the piano. I hope it will be helpful to the novice. I hope you prawns can also give corrections.
This is a problem for many beginners. Now it has almost become a menstrual post in GC. Many new people often post questions: I am * old, learning guitar late?
In fact, strictly speaking, such a problem is not a problem, nor does it mean that the younger the students are, the more advantageous they will be in learning. This is relative. Maybe most people are just asking for psychological comfort and giving themselves a reason to support themselves to face the eyes of the people around them.
I remember when I was studying piano in 1999, one day a parent led two children to enroll in primary school, and the children were 8 or 9 years old. My teacher asked them: Do you like guitar? Why do you want to learn guitar? The child shook his head. Then his parents said that they should start from childhood to cultivate their children’s interest in music. Then the teacher said, “How can such a young child be forced to play the piano before his hands are open?”
The purpose of this experience is actually to remind you why you were addicted to playing the piano, or forced to do so, or there are various secrets, such as playing handsome, hooking girls and so on. Okay, then ask my brother, “Is it too late to learn guitar at the age of *”. First think about why you want to learn guitar and who you want to learn guitar for. Whatever the purpose, this purpose is a motivation at first.
Do you like guitar? If you don’t like it, what do you do with it? If you like it, why don’t you learn it?
No money, afraid of jokes, feel stupid, not that piece of material, boring practice, afraid of slow progress in old age, can not see results… All kinds of reasons cause you to lose confidence and direction, you doubt, you are not confident, you feel tired, so post for support, consolation, to find a new motivation.
Well, I tell you, brother, you need a sense of self-confidence. It’s not that I believe you can play well, but that you are right to learn guitar first – what’s wrong with me learning what I like? Who dares to point his finger? They say it’s their business not to do it. You’re your business to learn. You measure your hobbies with the eyes of others. Isn’t it taking on something that doesn’t belong to you? You can raise your hands, raise your middle finger, and say to them, “Get out of here.” Ye and I are 30 years old, just when a man is a flower, prosperous, successful career, has been able to develop hobbies? Do you understand?
Well, when you want to understand this, let alone 30, 60 years old, you can go to school all right. People will praise you for being strong and disobedient. If someone says you are immoral, you can still raise your hands to compare your middle finger, and tremble with your leaky teeth and say, “Let your jealousy go!” The Lord has reached such a state of free will!”
If there is any effect of age, I tell you, yes, and very big! To some extent, playing the piano is an individual manual work. The strength, flexibility and agility of the arms, fingers and wrists are not low. The older the person is, the physical function will gradually decline, the memory will decline and the reaction will be slow. Perhaps somebody else has Parkinson’s syndrome, like Ali, or cerebral thrombosis, like Wu Lao-Er next door, who shivers at everyone. Not even God. When Vai arrives at the age of seventy or eighty, playing Fortheloveof God will not be able to reproduce the stormy effect of his youth.

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