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How do fingers practice guitar independently?

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:October 19, 2018

Skill exercises
Practice makes tools for improving specific skills. So that you can quickly grasp. Through proper practice, you can succeed in weeks or months rather than years.
1, slow down and play slowly, do not make mistakes. Your fingers will move according to your training. If you practice fast, even 100 times, can you say that at 101 times, you suddenly play correctly and clearly? However, if you do 100 exercises correctly, you can make sure that the next one will be perfect.
2. Avoid mental disorders. If you concentrate too much, you will be nervous and anxious. This pressure will make you make more mistakes, which in turn will aggravate anxiety. Do not oppress yourself. Maintain a smooth and fluent rhythm. The natural movement combined with rhythm will prevent the generation of psychological obstacles.
3. Pay attention to the purpose of the exercise since it is set up to improve a certain skill, you should understand the purpose of the exercise, and then concentrate on your practice.
4. Don’t spend too much time on an exercise. If you spend too much time on a skill, you’ll actually start going the other way. It’s best to relax your muscles after practice. Playing some different things, and then returning to the original practice, it will not be difficult.
Basic action left hand
1. There are two basic positions of the thumb on the left hand. One is to place the thumb behind the neck of the instrument. The other is to hook the thumb around the top of the neck. Placing your thumb behind the neck gives your fingers more room to move and more accurately control. Used for climbing or improvisation with a wider character. Another kind of finger can be more powerful, and what drugs can rhinitis take to control the bending string.
2. Finger movement. The farther you need to move your finger, the longer you will get there. Because the distance is equal to the beat, the finger is close to the string — hanging about a centimeter. When you hammer or hook, do not let a finger strangle too far. Until this happens, it will be difficult to change.
3. Finger fluency exercises raise the previous finger when the next note comes. It will help improve the sleek and fluent left hand and move the fingers more naturally.
4. Accuracy of the finger to form a habit, so that each finger on the corresponding metal grade section, rather than the space between the nodes. This makes your left hand more firm and correct. Use your fingertips.

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