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The beginner’s electric guitar has just begun to understand the timbre.

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:October 19, 2018

Let’s talk about the influence of the piano itself on the timbre. Sound is produced by vibration, and the resonance with the string is the most direct impact on the color of the piano, so the piano itself, the greatest impact is wood, this is fundamental, the characteristics of wood determines the high and low frequency characteristics of the piano, after all, the string is responsible for vibrating sound. Next is the effective chord length, and the chord length determines the vibration frequency. Unfortunately, few people pay attention to this aspect, basically the brand know a lot, but do not know what piano made of wood.
Guitar is a plucked instrument, so the first feature is the granularity of the voice, and violin that kind of continuous feeling is entirely two concepts, this point, the influence of silk and fingerboard is relatively large.
The joint mode of the string also has a great influence. The way of joint directly affects the vibration characteristics of strings. Puncture, fixed bridge, single rocker (including small double rocker) and double rocker are the best connections, double rocker is the worst. However, it feels that the design of the headless piano is quite different. The ball of the clasp string is stuck at the head of the piano, similar to the connection method of the fixed bridge.
In addition, the volume twist and tone color button of the piano itself is responsible for controlling tone color, just like that sluice in the reservoir. The sluice is half-open and full-open, the water is flowing, but half-open and full-open, the effect is completely different.
Finally, the pickup. In fact, strictly speaking, the sound pickup has nothing to do with the sound of Qin. But actually different pickups do produce different sounds, so it’s worth explaining briefly. A pickup is a device that converts vibration (physical) signals into electrical signals through magnetic coils and then connects them to a sound amplifier through a connecting wire to amplify the signals. Although different from the microphone, it means the same thing. It doesn’t determine the timbre itself, but it produces different sound characteristics through different pickups. For example, a single coil will relatively restore its own physical signal, while a double coil will be more plump and, to put it bluntly, more powerful. There will be some missing parts. So, to have a good timbre, you don’t have to choose one with a good pickup, but one with a good connection between the wood and the strings. It’s like building a house. The design of your house is so good, the excellent lighting and heating network are so scientific, but the foundation is not good, sooner or later it will collapse.
Then there’s the speaker, which, as an electric guitar device, is the ultimate sounding device, and it’s more decisive to the timbre than the electric guitar itself. But as a musician, you can have several different characteristics of the electric guitar, but it is impossible to have all the styles of speakers you need, even if you have money, there is no place to play, and more than a dozen times, the switch between the effect and pickup is relatively simple, it is basically impossible to switch the speakers.
There are three parts of the speaker, all equally important, are very important to the timbre, 1 is the use of electronic tubes, 2 is the circuit, 3 is the quality and size of the horn. The function of the electron tube is to amplify the signal, but different tubes have different effects on the timbre, the process of sound amplification will produce changes, the electron tube is the impact of this change. The common point is to embellish. The loudspeaker is divided into the front and the rear stages, and the front stage is embellished and then enlarged.
Then there’s the circuit, which hasn’t been studied in this area, but you can get a little more out of many magazines and research drawings you’ve seen about the circuit.
Finally, the quality and size of the horn. From the center of the horn to the circumference, different parts of the role is different, each position is responsible for high and low frequency. Friends with stereo equipment with exposed speakers at home can try it on their own, take a CD and cover the speaker, and you’ll see what’s going on. My personal experience is the best 12 inch loudspeaker, the frequency of each link can be relatively perfect embodiment. Ten inches basically make up, no matter how small the basic can not be used, you originally adjusted the timbre, also because the horn can not keep up with, so can not play out.
For this aspect of dynamic, it is really impossible to force, 4X12 dynamic is indeed much stronger than 112, not a grade at all, perhaps usually with 112 practice, and then to use 4X12 when not playing, are normal, 112 usually missing a lot of details, and you just can not hear it, and then to 4X12 equipment You will find your voice is very bad, and you will not dare to play or play. If you have a chance, you can go to the piano shop, rehearsal room and other places to see and see, a long time to slowly understand.

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