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Beth (Bass), is generally one of the indispensable instrument in the band, it mainly in the band as a Bass line, sometimes as a solo improvisation. Traditional jazz is generally USES the acoustic bass (bass) to reflect its original flavor. In modern jazz (especially the fusion jazz) often use electric bass or electronic synthesizer synthetic bei rock, heavy metal and so on.

The extensive development of electroacoustic Musical Instruments and popular nowadays make great changes have taken place in the word band, fewer people, usually four people can form a band, respectively, by the rhythm (drum), bass (bass), high (guitar), rhythm (electric steel/keyboard). Electroacoustic band in the BASS, is actually the BASS GUITAR, full name should be called the BASS GUITAR. Application clef: bass clef, unfavorable the high-pitched notation. Appearance: BASS are similar in shape and usually an electric guitar, slightly heavier, scales in a low position, therefore the strings rather thick, string tension is considerable.

The basic information

Names:Bass Guitar
Instruments:Electroacoustic musical instrument, can adjust the volume change
Appear:About 1920 years

String product structure

Usually only four strings, scale position for E, A, D, G. With the electric guitar after four strings low 3 ~ 4 tuning octaves. Strings are 5 strings, 6, 8 and 12 and 24 strings Bass appeared completely is to enhance the expressive force of the Bass guitar, make its technique and function more perfect and diversification. Instruments: belonging to electroacoustic Musical Instruments, can adjust the volume change. Low and medium thick loud tone pronunciation, treble is more bright. Like guitar can use a variety of skills, melody to play characteristics, so the electric bass in the ensemble is not just as a bass accompaniment instrument and appear, it tends to create memorable phrase, a beautiful sound, smooth melody, simple sense is very strong, rich change.

Tone and expression: BASS solo voice quality low, on the one hand, very emotional expression, with the BASS playing JAZZ music is very interesting, because the BASS rhythm strong performance in the FUNK music, but now more and more valued in the metal, the BASS is indispensable, whether new metal or traditional metal, BASS and drums all are the basis and the rhythm of the band.

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