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Performance skills and instrument value-bass

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:January 18, 2018

Performance skills


BASS playing high content of technical requirements, start may feel better get started, but to a certain stage will encounter bottlenecks. Because good BASS hand of melody and rhythm is proper, can fully take on the role of electric band coordinator, in the following paragraphs will focus on this.


BASS strings in the BASS position, string is coarser, the requirements of the finger strength is much bigger than a guitar string; And because the request right hand broken chord in tremolo is not only depend on the dial. Left hand, because of different range, and the hand shape is different, can’t use often play BASS guitar technique, pointing to “fly” is many guitarists in turn BASS, often make the mistake.


In addition, the heavy BASS, and it requires good rhythm, if practiced drums, the rhythm is more sensitive, may help.


The instrument value


Really have a very important status in the BASS in a band.


In modern digital band, BASS playing the BASS and rhythm, as the whole band BASS line. In a jazz band, BASS, can saying is the cornerstone of the whole band, it is the guide of the melody voice on harmony, it is everybody’s command on the rhythm and BASS hand quality directly affect the effect of the band. String tremolo accompaniment, multi-purpose decomposition in music through other played in the transitional melody, greatly enrich the band sound. Bass importance seems to be a lot of people is not big, actually he is wonderful to control the rhythm of a band.


Although the BASS and GUITAR appearance is similar, but in the band, and their own function are completely different. BASS is the necessary instrument connection GUITAR and DRUM. BASS hand to grasp more harmony theory, must complete the band of the communicator, and drum has a very good communication. DRUM and BASS is most control rhythm musical instrument in the band, this is a very wonderful feeling. Someone said that the BASS is indispensable for electric band “soul”.


Because the BASS is more and more attention by people, so also began to more and more people like the front and back of the guitar SOLO and BASS SOLO of the feelings of more perfect (example: GAZETTE “minor”), or simply use BASS, draw out the whole song (example: X – JAPAN’s “ENDLESS RAIN”, “teach bad fine way BEYOND band” voice “you wake up” and so on). BASS, the use of more and more diversified, technical and more strong!


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