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What kind of guitar is better for beginners? Do you need to buy veneers?

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:June 14, 2019

What beginners don’t use is likely to get the veneer and don’t hear any difference. In addition, guitar is chosen mainly for its sound quality, handle and workmanship. The sound quality of guitar has a great relationship with the material of guitar box panel and back panel. The guitar panel is usually spruce (low-end basswood, the price is about 200). Back panel: Good guitar is usually Shapiri, peach blossom heart. (Low-end goods basswood, alder, catalpa) feel, some guitar, guitar neck thick and thick, seriously affecting the feel and mood, because the material is not good, dare not do too thin, afraid to pull bad. In addition, many mainland goods on the market have a foreign name, confusing right and wrong. I recommend Tonxiu Dongxiu DS-310, which is manufactured by large factories exporting all the year round. guitar boxes are of good quality, guaranteed sound quality, good handle and good workmanship.
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