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What guitar do girls with small hands choose for beginners?

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:January 30, 2020

My first guitar is a 39-inch Canon. It’s good to use, because it’s just learned. The finger grade span is not big. Now it’s 41-inch. You can buy a similar guitar first. You don’t need to buy it well. After a while, you know how big it fits. Then you can buy a better guitar and ask how big it is. My hand is really very small to answer my hand is actually quite small, the longest middle finger is only 7,8 cm, if you are ready to buy in the physical shop, you can try to see that is more appropriate. The difference between 39 and 41 is mostly in his guitar. The size of his opponent is not too big. The other 41 guitar looks much bigger than 39’s. It’s better to try it in a physical store. If we recommend it, we don’t know the specific situation, what you like, or try it all by ourselves. Even if you don’t buy it there, you can also see which one you are more suitable for.

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