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Tips for playing guitar

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:August 24, 2018

Do you remember the circular glide? The left finger strings and hook strings of smooth and ornamental sounds make the strings sound. In folk guitar hexagrams, they are represented by H and P, respectively.

Gliding is a technique of playing on the guitar. Slip is the sound produced by the left finger sliding from one grade to another on the same string without the participation of the right hand. They are divided into ascending glide and downside glide. S is used in guitar six line spectrum.

Play the first note of the slide with the left finger pressed, the right hand pulled out, and then do not leave the fingerboard sliding down to the next note, the same downward from the first note to the second note, do not leave the fingerboard. When playing, pay attention to the left finger to press the string vertically, when sliding the finger can not be loose, uniform and moderate strength, smooth sliding, but also pay attention to the relaxation of the left thumb.
A stop tone is also called a muffler. In music performance, the sound can be classified as smooth and leaping. To produce jumping notes, we need to stop the sound.

There are two ways: after the right finger has plucked the string, put the plucked finger lightly on the string, either the same plucked finger or the other finger, so that the tone is stopped. After the right hand plucked the string, lift up the left finger slightly. Note that the left finger can not leave the string, so that we can stop the sound.

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