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The Skills of Singing with Electric Guitar

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:February 03, 2019

Two. Sitting:
When sitting and singing, the upper body posture is the same as when standing, but pay attention to the waist should be straight, do not lean on the back of the chair, legs naturally bend, separate, feet landing. Don’t overlap your legs, otherwise it will affect the breath. When reading and singing, you are required to sing with music in both hands. When stroking, the left hand holds the spectrum and the right hand gently strokes.
In a word, when singing, the posture should be correct, natural and beautiful. The standard is that it does not interfere with the normal activities of the whole vocal organ and is conducive to singing.
(2) Breathing in Singing
Breathing is the driving force of singing. When people are calm, the time of inhalation and exhalation is roughly equal, and the amount of inhalation is small. When you speak, you also burn off your breath at any time. But when singing, the breathing time is much longer than the breathing time, so the breathing must be full. In singing, the exhalation should be kept as long as possible, and the breath should flow out evenly and steadily, so that the breath can be changed into sound, and the purpose of controlling the intensity, weakness, length and short of the voice freely can be achieved.
Ancient people said that “good singers must adjust their breath first”, and today Chinese and foreign singing and performing artists also attach great importance to the breath of singing. Some people say that “the art of singing is the art of breathing”. Although this expression is partial, it shows the importance of breathing in singing. Breathing in singing is very different from breathing in ordinary times. It is a special way of breathing.
How to inhale:
When singing and inhaling, it is required to inhale at the same time with the mouth and nose, to the bottom of the lung lobe. With the abdominal wall under the heart socket as the center, the lower part of the thorax expands outward (the ribs feel obvious), the diaphragm drops, the bottom of the thorax extends downward, the whole thoracic cavity expands and the lower abdomen contracts. Inhalation in singing is deeper than that in subconscious breathing on weekdays. The decrease of diaphragm and the expansion of thoracic cavity cause the increase of inspiration. In this way, the diaphragm grasps the initiative of breathing and completes the task of controlling breath with the abdominal muscles. This is a conscious, proactive breathing.
2. How to exhale:
When exhaling to produce sound, it is necessary to maintain the state of inhalation. Because at the beginning of exhalation, the weight of ribs and the resilience of the diaphragm are helping the exhaled muscles to compress. If the inspiratory muscles relax suddenly during the vocalization, the breath will be released immediately, and the voice will lose the support of the breath. Students often feel that the breath is not enough when singing, mainly because of this reason. Therefore, when singing, we should maintain the state of inhalation, that is, to maintain the expansion of the chest and diaphragm around the waist as the basis point to support the singing, feel that the voice seems to fall on the air, supported by the air, or to say that the voice is singing on the air. At the same time, keep the chest slightly upright (usually collapsed when exhaling), the lower abdomen in order to maintain the expansion of ribs and chest slightly upright state and tighten. Let the breath out slowly, evenly and moderately without relaxing the exhaling muscles. Because the breathing muscles and the inspiratory muscles always work at the same time, that is to say, they produce confrontation and form a singing momentum, which creates a pressure air column in the chest, makes the breath exhaled have a certain strength, and also makes the voice produced have a strong quality. This is often said to be controlled voice. We use the breathing method in singing as the chest-abdomen combined breathing method.

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