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The maintenance guide of guitar and bass

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:February 06, 2018

Every year to the season when the guitar must be the most worry when the dry air or humid climate will always make our instruments deformation, or even damage, it is simply too bad. So how do we prevent this from happening? Let’s have a look today.

maintenance of guitar and bass

1. Deferring the aging of the strings: Aging of the strings is inevitable because, due to a variety of reasons, such as sweat stains on the hands and the dampness of the surrounding environment, the strings are rusty and should therefore be soft Dry cloth to wipe the strings.

2. Body care: Take a soft, dry cloth to wipe the surface of the stain, keep the body clean. When the piano is not playing, it is placed in the piano bag or piano case, to avoid unnecessary scratches or bumps, and to relax the strings for a long time without playing.

3. Guaranteed ambient temperature: Sudden changes in temperature and humidity can cause damage to the guitar. Usually to avoid direct guitar in the sun, do not let the guitar near the heat. If the air is too damp, put some desiccant in the bag or case.

4. Playing often, this is the best way to maintain your guitar!

In addition to maintenance, if your Aegean has the following symptoms, then you should pay attention to:

1. Most commonly, the panel will begin to bulge (or swell) and the panel’s indication will begin to distort. In the missing guitar models especially
It is obvious. The back panel will also bulge and twist under these conditions. The degree of dent from the back of the back plate and the rear stick part can be proved. The higher the relative humidity, the more obvious the degree of distortion.

2. Another visible change due to excessive humidity is that all the bonded parts (such as the faceplate, the backside plate) will become more and more noticeable. This has particularly significant effects on the inlays. The pearl is moisture-free, but the pearl-studded wood is softer and swells easily at relatively high humidity. As the wood expands, you can see a gap around the inlay, where moisture enters the wood.
3. The chordal rise is one of the major issues in the observation of guitars exposed to high humidity. The more moisture, the more obvious chordal increase. This problem is especially severe in humid areas.

There are many reasons for the change chord distance.High humidity makes the panel of the guitar “frog” belly, jacking up the bridge and the strings.Back also, the neck and jacking up.The first quarter pillow to lower chord pillow area relatively sag down.The problem will worsen in the expansion of the ebony fingerboard and cause product wire is loose.Wire products in after the installation is very solid, and have the effect of preventing neck arched.When they are due to the expansion of the fingerboard is loose, the neck will also therefore become warped up, increase the chord distance to the point of more severe.

Please keep in mind that the paint can’t prevent the entry of moisture, although it can slow down 3 to 4 days.The longer exposed under the environment of high humidity, paint will begin to deformation.Panel paint water there will be a little wrinkle.Back side panel will appear many small holes through them.When rose wood expansion, tree holes expand, this makes the paint (it is not affected by moisture) in the wood in the hole.Peach blossom core xylophone neck paint can also be for this reason fall into the hole, the back side panel.

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