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The difference between folk guitar and classical guitar?

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:April 25, 2018

A folk guitar is a plucked instrument, similar in shape to a violin, and usually has six strings. It was the earliest accompaniment instrument of American western country music. It usually appears as a form of accompaniment to the song. The theme of the country is western country music. He is considered a popular instrument in pop music, rock music, blues, and folk songs. Also used for classical music, there are a large number of solo songs, occasionally used in chamber music orchestras.

    Classical guitar is a musical instrument based on a nylon string (100 years ago as a sheep intestine) that was shaped over 200 years ago. First of all, from the perspective of musical instruments, the structure of classical guitar is obviously different from that of other musical instruments (flamenco guitar, racquet guitar, folk acoustic guitar, electric guitar, etc.). Secondly, from the perspective of performance methods, classical guitar is mainly composed of soloists. A certain amount of ensemble, concerto, etc.; finger playing directly (without using paddles and other objects) combined with a variety of special performance techniques; from the performance of music: classical guitar to play classical music, taking into account a certain amount of modern Classic music. Delicate and varied sounds, rich multi-voice and harmonic playing ability, can interpret the music of different nationalities in different periods and styles.

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