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The development and characteristics of the electric bass

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Electric bass


Reference data:


  1. The instrument name: Electric Bass (Electric Bass)


  1. Application clef: bass clef, unfavorable high-pitched notation.


  1. The structure, similar to the electric guitar, look from the appearance also with electric guitar but only almost four strings, with electric guitar after four strings performer voice low 8 degree what follows.


  1. Instruments: belonging to electroacoustic Musical Instruments, can adjust the volume change.


  1. Low and medium thick loud tone pronunciation, treble is more bright. Like guitar can use a variety of skills, melody to play characteristics, so the electric bass in the ensemble is not just as a bass accompaniment instrument and appear, it tends to create memorable phrase, a beautiful sound, smooth melody.


  1. Electric bass almost exclusively used in modern digital band, bass line as the rest of the band. Often use broken chord accompaniment, in music through words, electric bass played transitional melodies, often can greatly enrich the band sound.




Beth (Bass), is generally one of the indispensable instrument in the band, it mainly as a Bass line in the jazz band, sometimes as a solo improvisation. Traditional jazz is generally USES the acoustic bass (bass) to reflect its original flavor. In modern jazz (especially the fusion jazz) often use electric bass or electronic synthesizer synthetic bass tone to increase its modern.” Beth marching “(Walking Bass) is one of the most distinctive in the jazz style, playing is based on the steady rhythm as a chord decomposition.


In ways both uplink decomposition and downward decomposition, TDD has has alternate decomposition. Example: on line breakdown 5 7 2 4 5 6 7 b7 │ │ │ b7 5 3 1 b7 downward decomposition 5 3 TDD │ has alternating decomposition 1 3 5 b7 1 5 3 1 │ │ travel way like the marching pace because of this, so called “marching bass”.




Electric bass about appeared in the 1920 s. In the nearly one hundred years, it works and Musical Instruments have made considerable progress.


At first, it is according to string tuning of beth (bass), and the structure principle of the guitar. In other words, it is according to the double bass tuning of a bass guitar. Later, due to the needs of the players on the jazz music playing, and give out the character. But in modern times, this kind of no goods electric bass (FretlessBass), commonly used in the Soul, to foster and R&B music. No product bass can make very delicate fruity voluptuous glide; And adjust the strings can be very low and there is no string of product problems; When playing in high positions can make unique sounds like “meow”, is a lot of bassist favorite type of musical instrument – and, of course, because no article bass without wire, so on the proficiency of the players and intonation have more strict requirements.


In the works, electric bass has been around in a wide range of the 20th century modern music style. Is the most common, hand play play (FingeredBass), almost all play electroacoustic band of young people, can play a few times. This method is suitable for almost all playing Pop music, and Jazz and Latin music is the most important basic method. The simplest is also the most difficult to play, is also the most flexible method. There is a way of playing is to borrow in the beginning to play (PickedBass), the usage is derived from the electric guitar. Its voice than hand play brighter, more is used in Rock, Punk music. It is important to note that the dial plate made method is not suitable for playing without electric bass. There are the most can represent the electric best color way of playing, is what is called a strike beth (SlapBass), it is also a way to use finger to play, but not with your fingertips for normal play, but with the thumb and other fingers on the strings hit the strings and string.


The voice is the most bright, cutting is Funk, Fusion music is usually used.


Accompaniment way


This is the most commonly used three ways when the accompaniment, the Solo (Solo), you can also use some string, such as harmonic technique, but also can combine Fingered, Slap.


In the common electric bass, four, five and six strings, there are seven strings, eleven string even with a pair of strings. Usually used or first learn four strings. The tuning of the four tone is: A string, the urheen – D – G, three-stringed – A, four strings – E. Four string a string is highest, the lowest.


Four characteristics


A string of than other bright, sound good. In the ordinary course of play, the high tone color is more, often used in place of Solo and the Fill. Harmonic is often played in a string. Hook the string, string and a string of commonly used, occasionally use hammer.


Urheen played a string used to connect, and three of the role of the up and down. Timbre full, but not as the root for. Pop the Fill and the Jazz’s swimming now will often use.


Three-stringed instrument timbre is the most not features, but it is also one of the most commonly used of the strings. Usually do roots accompaniment, including struck string skills. Hook the string is not commonly used in three. When the accompaniment, C centered tone can play three times up and down, sometimes even to F. But no matter how high the bits are less commonly used, because of the high position three-stringed comp root sound, sound head is bad, timbre turbidity. Low time can play an empty string to A callback, if the quality of A material of piano and strings is not very good, can use four string five position to play A tune. Because three empty string A sometimes seem empty, away.


Four string sound minimum heavy, high to an ugly, usually don’t have to. The Solo unless necessary. Ordinary play and strike are best. Accompaniment to A, even to the Bb. This string use most when playing Rock, Pop.


Five string electric bass is on the basis of four strings, added a lower B strings. Play to D will have very good effect, c # sometimes can play. C, B is not commonly used, pitch has been blurred. Five string of high position is not commonly used. Also some on the violin is a string in the above, he adds a higher strings. But he is not common.


Six string electric bass is at a lower five strings, on the basis of the electric bass, added a higher C strings. The piano used to Solo.


Due to the characteristics of the music and ease (namely refers to music theory, rather than skill), caused by the Rock often use four string electric bass, use five strings of Pop, Jazz USES six strings. But that is not inherent, but the general rule.


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