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The characteristic of choose and buy of the guitar

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Check the appearance: check the guitar neck is straight, look to see if there is crack, especially pay attention to the neck and body joints.


Intonation check: electric guitar tuned into standard, can use first notes for the school, whether should be paid attention to when tuning the strings tightly round grover on the shaft. For the first time after the sound check application hand hold in drag a few lower chord, school once again, after repeated several times, check the sound quality and normal quality is consistent, whether the strings.


Check noise size: general import brand electric guitar strings are all good, as far as possible when trying a harp string will have rust wipe, and then the special electric guitar received good guitar amp, hand don’t hit the string noise as small as possible.


The last check whether keyboard fittings is complete.


Buy electricity, it is important to look for the brand, first of all, from the appearance is beautiful, simple sense, from a rational point of view of the most important is the wood. Can be judged from the wood color, texture, etc. Commonly used for the rim about Ash wood, Alder, Mahogany, Basswood, Maple and so on.


Wood features found in:


Ash tone is clear and bright, is usually a light brown with deep and big grain. Usually can’t be too heavy. Strats were configured, Telecaster


Alder than Ash light, has the rich timbre, the low frequency resonance is good. Has a fine grain is light brown. Strats were configured, Telecaster


A relatively heavy Mahogany wood, sound sweet, rich in the low frequency is obvious. Is usually a reddish brown with black fine lines. Les Paul, PRS


Basswood a wood is very light, the color white and almost no spot fine lines. Intermediate frequency obviously is characteristic of him. Ibanez Jem series


Maple tone is clear and bright, high frequency performance is very good. But the weight is too heavy, is often a thin layer on the Body (Top), there will be a beautiful pattern. Common with Flame (Curly), Quilted, Bird ‘s


Several Eye, or no special lines (Plain).


Online purchase


Nowadays, popular online shopping, if a famous brand of electric guitar, target buying online is very convenient, but the key is the brand, model, target code will be more convenient save money easily.

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