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Sound principle of the electric guitar and playing skills

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:January 18, 2018

The principle of voices:


Electric guitar is a kind of plucked instrument, the inventor for George Beecher and adolph rickenbacker.


Sound principle is different from the traditional guitar, not with the box body vibration, but the use of the principle of electromagnetism, its body is real wood, rather than empty speakers. Equipped with a coil on piano. They called the pickup. When the guitar string vibration, cutting the magnetic induction pick-up lines, so that the body produce different frequency of current in the conductor, when the current through the electronic sound reduction, became the voice of the electric guitar.

The electric guitar playing skills


Electric guitar playing skills development to today, has formed a relatively scientific and huge system, such as: common push string, legato (string, string, string), tremolos, astatic strings, sound, tone, dial the slice of harmonic and crank embouchure, string (strings and hands point is divided into the right point, right point in fact sometimes also need to left click strings are cooperate; And hands point string is reference to the methods of the piano playing, most of the time selects one hand accompaniment chords notes, another hand point played melody line), otherwise developed from various styles of music skills, such as rustic guitar in chicken embouchure, Bruce dual string, and the sound of music on string, and so on.


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