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Skills for beginners of electric guitar in purchasing piano

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:January 22, 2019

Many friends are relatively well-off, just learning guitar he wants to spend thousands of yuan to buy advanced guitar, always think that the more expensive the guitar is, the better, in fact, not so, many more expensive advanced class guitar belongs to the master to play, beginners are not suitable for playing this kind of guitar, playing method is not correct, but will cause damage to the guitar. The first guitar lesson here refers to those who study folk songs for less than one year. Here are some points for beginners to pay attention to when purchasing piano:
First of all, the appearance of the guitar: there should be no physical hard injuries, such as cracks, wear, loosening, skew (the neck is a little radian, except this) and so on.
The other is hand feeling: String height must not be too high, generally 1 product at the height of 1 mm, 12 products below 5 mm, many beginners are because of the purchase of an exercise piano, string distance is too high, the more you play with your fingers, the more uncomfortable, and finally give up, in fact, it is very regrettable. From this point of view, how important it is for beginners to buy a standard ballad guitar. In addition, the curvature of pin silk should be ideal, good folk guitar pin silk curvature is comfortable, beginners practice big horizontal press very easily, bring twice the result with half the effort to the guitar learning.
Then is the workmanship: for example, whether the grinding of the silk is even and smooth, does not protrude outside the fingerboard, and whether there are wood thorns in the internal grinding of the piano body! uuuuuuu These things are not only to check whether these indicators are qualified, through these characteristics, you can also imagine the brand of workers, piano is what mentality, is making furniture or musical instruments, surface kungfu is careless, that can not see the place, such as wood selection, you know how he cut corners.
These are not all the things you need to pay attention to in purchasing piano, but for beginners, these three points seem very important. As we all know, the cost of selling guitars is added to the rental expenses, personnel expenditure, business tax and so on. In addition, not all of the piano companies can get the price of direct sales from manufacturers. Many piano companies are purchased from agents. Therefore, it is natural for these links to accumulate in the cost of piano. Sometimes it seems that online marketing is indeed a good choice, but it is suggested that all friends who choose to buy guitars must shine their eyes, choose large brands and businesses with integrity spirit to buy, especially after-sales service of products, must be carefully distinguished, in order to avoid damaging their legitimate rights and interests.

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