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Several conditions determine whether you are suitable for Guitar learning.

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:January 22, 2019

It’s not suitable for playing guitar. See if you have the following qualifications:
First, can complete a song without losing its tune completely;
Second, perseverance – this is the most important. The initial stage of learning guitar is very boring, and some important basic skills training must be done every day. Only with strong willpower can we go through the initial stage of learning and enter a new realm full of fun. Perseverance is very important.
3. There are not less than four fingers in each hand:)
4. Can you guarantee that you will not give up in 2 weeks?
If you meet three or more criteria above, there is no doubt that you are suitable for playing the guitar. If in time, I believe you are still very likely to become a Master Guitar player. Good luck!
Believing in yourself is half the battle!
– The factors that do not affect the learning of guitar-
Small hands – According to experience, small hands have little influence on learning guitar. A female guitar player I know is very small, but her fingers are very flexible and skillful. When she plays guitar, her fingers fly like flies. For some of the larger span fingering, you can also be more flexible, so you don’t have to worry about this at all.
Singing is not good – it does not have a great impact on guitar playing. If you have no confidence in your own singing, then aspire to become a guitar master. However, according to practical experience, often playing and singing, the singing will become more and more harmonious.
No time – this is not a problem, in fact, as long as you like, even 20 minutes of practice every day will have a very good effect.
– A summary of the reasons for the failure of guitar learning-
No perseverance – more than 80% of people fail because of this. They are often enthusiastic at the beginning of their study, but because they can not adhere to practice very well at the beginning, they are eager to succeed after a few practices, and finally lose confidence because of their bad playing. After that, the guitar was put on the shelf… End…
Music theory knowledge is too poor – the most basic music theory knowledge should be supplemented. Hey hey, at least knife, come, squint, you need to know it. (See Appendix 2: Supplement basic music theory knowledge)

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