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Parameters and Settings of Guitar Synthesizer

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:December 19, 2018

First of all, we should give you some basic knowledge:
1. If the synthesizer electrifies the guitar speaker, it is a very wrong choice. The speaker simulation of the synthesizer conflicts with the real speaker, which leads to the deterioration of the timbre.
2. The power supply of the synthesizer is very important. Please use the original power supply as far as possible. If there is no power supply, please use the same power supply as the instruction data.
3. Don’t assume that all guitars are the same in the synthesizer. The difference between the piano and the synthesizer is also very obvious.
4. The output signal of most low-end synthesizers is digital signal. Do not directly enter MIC port, such as INPUT of electric guitar speaker and IN of mixer.
5. Don’t regard the synthesizer as a single “effector”, remember that the synthesizer is a “whole set of equipment”.
6. The general routine of electric guitar is like this.
Playing guitar to produce signals – – – modifying and lifting signals (level class) – – front processing – – – peripheral effect – – – rear amplification – – – box output sound – – – space environmental impact – – – to your ear
7. The synthesizer eats the wire as usual. See Article 5. The “whole set of equipment” of the synthesizer does not contain the wire.

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