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On the Performance of Several Guitars

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:March 19, 2019

SAMICK’s piano should be less now, but in general, his work is very good, the timbre and pitch are also good, his double rocking series of metal is relatively strong, the defective rocking handle system is not working well, it’s too dead.
YAMAHA, the cheapest is EG-112, which is very cheap, but it feels little different from the domestic one. The main difference is that the pitch is not good and the timbre can be heard. 121 is also a cheap piano. However, his workmanship, timbre and timbre are better than 112, which is a good choice for beginners. 420. This is a substitute for 421. The most special one is that he brings a pickup switch, which can turn on all pickups. Ha-ha, it is more innovative. 402, is a TELE style piano, very beautiful, timbre is also imitation of TELE. 721, this is the classic model of YAMAHA popular piano, it should not be seen now, he is very good workmanship, very beautiful, and his swing handle system is very sensitive, even more than many high-end piano, more than 3000 prices, very high value. 821, his pickup uses < Dima Zuo > in timbre, more concentrated than 721, and very good. Real 821 should be considered a medium-grade piano.
FENDER 013-4602, a Mexican piano, has a very sweet timbre. But the weather in China is too humid, and the timbre will change after one year. In FENDER, the tail number is 02, white fingerboard and 00 is black fingerboard. So 013-4600 is a piano similar to 4602, but only a black fingerboard. 013-2700, which is a rare double-rocker in FENDER. It also feels good. 110-4902. Meifen produced by the branch factory is generally better than 4602, 3000. More price, more value.
IBANEZ270, entry-level, Japanese original is better, Korean feel is not as good as YAMAHA 121.470 is also a good outfit. 550, is a popular type of super-value products, can be comparable to 721. JEM-555, feel good, beautiful appearance, good timbre, but there is a disadvantage, is easy to crack the neck and body of the piano. 555 is a mid-range goods.
High profile:
FENDER 7402 is an entry-level original manufacturer of Meifen, which has a sweet timbre and good value for money. 7602 is a high-end product. Its timbre and dynamics are incomparable. The most prominent thing is his electric push, which can push the general clean timbre to distortion. It’s great. A single-coil piano like FENDER is the head of the sound, which is his most attractive place, no matter how it listens, it is crystal clear.
YAMAHAAES-800, using the pickup of <Dima Mao>, has a soft and unforgettable timbre. 904, the top product of YAMAHA, the dynamic of the piano is excellent. His timbre knob can be improved to increase the brightness. The design of the piano is very unusual, which is one of my favorite.
IBANEZJS-1000 piano feels like a shrinking FENDER. It is totally different from other IBANEZ piano. It has dry timbre, poor dynamic and general handle shaking system. However, it has two lifting knobs. It has a wide range of timbre choices, and it can play in many styles. It is very practical, and the price is not too high. It is about 8000. It is a piano with high performance-price ratio.

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