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New guitar player, seek a scientific process of self-learning guitar. The more specific, the better.

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:March 24, 2019

First of all, I suggest that you do not buy that kind of more than 100, so-called practice guitar, the worse the piano is, the more people do not want to practice, is a kind of destruction to themselves… Choose a string and neck distance is small (so that it will not be very painful to press), beginners price around 400-600, too expensive and boring, do not know how to maintain the piano, it is easy to damage. Recommend Alice and then self-study need a book, suggest not only training and spinning, the foundation is very important, you can buy some music books to see, this will be more progress. Recommendation of “Carl Cassie Textbook” to determine their own style, guitar is basically divided into two categories, ballad (so-called singing) and classical (pure music performance) from the beginning of the right finger method and training are different from the classical to scale-based, folk songs to spin-based ballad books recommend guitar chord, the real book is still good, the key is the gesture, the best is still Can ask the teacher to help you rectify, basic and rotatory learning after a hundred tones tuner is very key, I suggest that self-study must buy one, if you do not use the instructions, it is very simple, otherwise your guitar has been inaccurate state, playing is also very sad.

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