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Learn Guitar-Yokohama Skills

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:January 22, 2019

At present, most of the classroom guitar teaching is fast-track, and most comrades learn to play and sing guitar. So the teacher usually teaches the first C major scale and directly teaches the chords in C major and a minor. One or two right-handed rhythms and then find a song for everyone to practice playing and singing. But please don’t blame such a teacher. Many experts who enter the door say they can’t learn from such a teacher. In fact, interest is the most important thing in learning any musical instrument. Many people will be scared away if they learn music theory and basic skills systematically. China’s guitar population may now be less than a tenth. Quick into one or two hand songs to let students have confidence and interest in learning, which is the contribution of a large number of workshop teachers. Please respect them wholeheartedly.
After a month or two of tortuosity, this part of the students will basically have two situations:
First, most people will encounter two difficulties. One is to press big and wide. The second is chord conversion.
1. Daheng Press Solution:
(1) Correct your playing posture (many textbooks have detailed instructions) to ensure that the left hand does not hold the neck to maintain the balance of the body.
(2) Check your left elbow and wrist for relaxation.
(3) The transverse chord pressing of the index finger is not hard pressed up, so we should experience the feeling of “lapping up”. Having seen the gecko climbing the wall, he didn’t push it hard. The thumb on the index finger is gently clamping on the back of the index finger. (Qixilaowang, who collected this article, disagrees with the underlined part of the front, should be the thumb on the back of the neck corresponding to the middle of the index finger and the middle finger to clamp the neck, if the thumb is on the index finger, it will be more difficult to clamp the neck.) The whole hand relaxes and the weight naturally laps up.
(4) Each person’s index finger joint is different in length and shape. Carefully observe the position of the ditch between the index finger joints on time. If a root chord is pressed in this position, it is usually unable to make sound. At this time, we should pay attention to the finger should press side rather than front chord, if side pressing still can not avoid ditches, then move up and down to avoid it.
(5) Big horizontal pressing is not to press every string. Usually there are two or three fingers pressing. We just need to press the others.
2. Chord conversion (for the first bit):
(1) Make sure that your right finger technique is well-trained with the metronome alone before practicing chord switching, and you don’t need to spend any more energy and eyes on it, or you don’t need to practice left hand switching. Because then you will face two difficulties at the same time. We all know that it is always easier to solve difficulties one by one. This is also the most important point.
(2) It is difficult to locate the other fingers around the reserved finger (remember not to use your eyes, feel the distance between them with your fingers). Believe me, it is not difficult to settle down and do it slowly for two weeks.
(3) Find a central finger for each chord, and find other finger positions for the center. (Method Ibid.) When you switch, look at the finger in place, and the rest will be right.

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