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Key Points of Guitar Playing

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:March 20, 2019

The Conditions of Guitar Introduction
Poor conditions generally refer to the following two situations:
No strings enough
1. Short finger.
If you can’t reach the bass strings, you can try it if you use it again. It’s difficult to play cross-tasking. It’s okay to hold your fingers, like pressing your legs, but take it easy. The extension of the left finger can only be achieved through certain training. It’s very effective to practice climbing lattice in low position.
2. Too thick finger
Point too thick, meat too much, when pressing the string always encounter other chords, this problem many friends have the key is to use the fingertips vertical chord. BB, KING old man’s finger is not thick? Thieves are thick! How did he practice? After studying the fingerboards, we can draw a conclusion that the fingerboards of ballad or electric organ are relatively narrow. The distance between one string and another string separated by one string, for example, one string and three strings, is about 1 or 5 centimeters. When the fingertips are pressed by two strings, the thickness of the fingertips will be 1 centimeter, so as not to affect the one string and three strings. If it is affected, it must be a method problem.
3. Chord Conversion
The former chord is always incomplete, and the last one is always empty. Before the last one is finished, it means that it will rise to press a chord, and it can’t be changed now. Because the chord conversion is not clean enough, the conversion time is too long.
Correct this: Give you an example of CG conversion. Switch to G and then pop, check if G is in place, if G is not in place, slow down the conversion speed. From time to time, repeat this speed from slow to fast, until the goal of converting from C to G in a blink of an eye is accomplished, it is also from slow start, playing C-bullet decomposition, converting to G at this time you should be able to play the C-chord complete and then practice GAm and so on.

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