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Introduction to guitar beginners?

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:February 06, 2019

I understand your situation very well. I would like to share with you some of my own experience. For the time being, we will divide the guitar into three categories: electric guitar, ballad guitar, classical guitar and ballad guitar. The ballad guitar is relatively popular and involves a wide range of subjects. The self-taught textbooks are very uncertain when introducing, and it is quite common in China that Liu Chuan learns guitar from me and has guitar. Enthusiast. The purpose of this kind of textbook is to make you get started quickly. But it’s more general and not very professional! The study of electric guitar must start with Little Link himself. Little Link himself is a recognized good textbook. He exercises skills rigorously and pertinently! It’s very scientific. The first volume is the practice of technology and a small amount of music theory, and the second volume is the strong one of technology. Three volumes are improvisational and progressive music training. After playing one volume, you can learn heavy metal textbooks! There are many versions of this textbook. It can be used as an auxiliary textbook exercise. If the progress is random, if it is classical guitar, Carl Casey is the first choice! And teachers must guide! Finally, listen more and watch more to imitate. It is the way of rapid progress!


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