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Improving the Efficiency of Electric Guitar Practice

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:January 22, 2019

After you play a melody slowly and correctly, put the guitar down and close your eyes. You need to be absolutely quiet. Don’t watch TV. Don’t let anything disturb you. Imagine the correct movement in your mind. Imagine the notes you just played (especially the key and difficult points). Imagine your fingers playing one note after another slowly. Make your practice more efficient by 30%. That is to say, if someone else plays it 10 times, you just need to imagine it 7 times and 3 times, and it works much better. This exercise can be done before you meditate or fall asleep. Another advantage of this exercise is to develop your ability to concentrate quickly.
Guitar players are professional largely because they have a lot of practice time. It is common for professional guitarists abroad to practice music scores (including rehearsal) for 8 to 10 hours every day. Amateur guitarists are “amateur” largely because they can only practice in limited spare time. The difference between the two is very obvious. An important factor contributing to this difference is: practice time rather than ability. As far as you are concerned, practicing three hours a day is absolutely different from practicing six hours a day. So I would like to say that the first important thing in practicing musical instruments is to ensure adequate practice time. How much time is suitable varies from person to person. The important point is that, on the premise of guaranteeing practice time, how to improve the efficiency of practice and how to make the practice twice the result with half the effort. Here are some tips I summarized:
1: Warm up correctly every time.
It’s impossible to start practicing just by bringing a bunch of melodies that are as fast as machine guns from someone else. Like running or any other form of exercise, playing guitar requires “warm-up” exercises on your fingers to get in good shape. You first need to do some extension exercises on your left finger, ranging from small to large, so that blood can flow to your fingertips. Then you can do some scales. Play exercises. There are many such exercises. You can choose one you like.
2: When learning something new, the speed of practice should be based on not making mistakes.
This can’t be overemphasized. Every time you learn to play a new melody, the first time you play it is when your brain is instructed to remember. It will still pop up in the future. So if you allow yourself to make mistakes without stopping to correct them, you are actually telling your brain that you can make the same mistakes over and over again. Unless you borrow some kind of signal to let your brain know. Errors are unacceptable. Otherwise, errors will be programmed and remain in your subconscious forever. Once a program is established, the possibility of making the same mistake always exists. Even if you try to rewrite the program, your subconscious will have two programs that play the same melody. So, when you get on stage, which program will you use? The correct probability is only 50 percent. It’s a pity. To avoid this, you need not make mistakes in your usual practice, especially in the first few times. The key to not making mistakes is to slow down. How slow is the right time? (Here I want to say a little about my own foolish opinion, not only when practicing music, but also when picking up ribbons, like our bass Rookies should pay attention to it, listen to the sound as accurately as possible, and listen to it correctly as possible. The first few times to complete the score out, of course, when a certain time improvisation is good, you can also add some things themselves, so that the music is more perfect.
3: Once you have mastered a melody, put down the guitar slightly and imagine it in your mind.
4: When practicing scales or other repetitive techniques, you can watch TV or chat.
That sounds strange. Let me explain. As I said before, when you learn something new, try to minimize distractions so that your mind can run through the correct procedures. But when you really learn to close your eyes and imagine the whole melody, you should let the neurons responsible for speed and flexibility take over. So when you watch TV, do scales and other exercises. Learning, in fact, distracts your brain from working so that it can relax as much as possible and allow neurons to play as fast as possible. When watching TV or chatting, if you feel the guitar is loud, you can put a cloth under the strings near the piano code.
5: Don’t look at the neck of the player or guitar when playing.
If you want to ask “Why can’t you see it?” then you need to read it again. We already know the benefits of making the brain inoperative, and now we can’t make your eyes work. Again, if you play a tune with your eyes looking at your fingerboard, it means you haven’t really mastered the tune yet. Besides, you don’t even know all the positions in guitar training. When playing music, eyes are the least important of the five sensory organs. One. Think about Beethoven and some blind musicians. Their advantage is that when there is no vision, the sensitivity of hearing and touch will rise to a new level. Try the effect of playing with closed eyes. When you watch the best musicians play, you will notice that they seldom look at their hands or guitars (even occasionally in a different sense, not at the stick machine to find the right notes). You should look at the places you should see, such as your audience. It is important to develop a good habit of not looking at the neck or the hand, and from now on.

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