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How to locate the high-grade electric guitar

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:February 13, 2018

How to locate the high-grade electric guitar? You might have to judge the price as the standard, but in fact far from it.

A high-end guitar should be defined by the wood and fittings, workmanship and design intent to assess. Has great room for price fluctuation in the wood, if you need a hand to Brazilian rosewood and Bolivia, peach blossom core wood guitar, so you might want to pay 20000 yuan, because many high-grade wood species are endangered, governments have also decree banned logging in. So we use the wood is likely to be 20 years or more early has set up a file in the repository storage, dried up. But due to its excellent acoustic features, many musicians are still choose to the timber production of electric guitar, so caused such “gone” today. A good horse needs a good saddle, on the optional accessories brands also meticulously. Floyd Rose (Freud Ross) tremolo system, Seymour Duncan (shimon Duncan), Dimarzio (Joe), EMG pickup, Sperzel (sperry gere) grover, Dunlop landing (pu) silk, Buzz Feiten (bei endowment FeiTeng) tuning system and so on use is to ensure that the creation of a perfect electric guitar. Must be clear, these things are after repeated scrutiny on selection, this also is the “design intent” we mentioned before. They are used in the design of each electric guitar of different material, such as the design is suitable for the electric guitar playing jazz and is suitable for the electric guitar, playing heavy music they chooses wood, pickup, the types of crank, even tasted wire width and thickness is different. On the product wire inlay they also strive to perfect, even if not with Buzz Feiten piano tuning system, its intonation is very outstanding.

In some foreign manufacturers in order to cater to those critical is similar to the special requirements of guitarist, connoisseur began guitar designed just for them. (we here tailored does not mean that their signature guitar series.) Their method is to take the guitar please, in the company while making let guitarist improvement opinions are put forward, so that made the guitar though hard to see in the market, but this practice has become a high-grade electric guitar the general trend of the market. Of course they are so fastidious is also out of respect for those professionals demand. The guitar after some aspects of simplified adjustment becomes our high-end guitar in music stores can see, a good example is the Ibanez Jem series of the company. Every year in this series of electric guitar is the piano to make some changes of external and produced a new type, such a move is, of course, for those Steve Vai fans demand and Jem during piano enthusiasts collection. Of course this approach not only Ibanez company in use.
However, in the domestic market is not abundant varieties of high-grade electric guitar, many people want to brand and model cannot find in China. So many people choose the domestic mail order from abroad or have bought from abroad. Domestic no installment payment at the same time, it also restricted the sales of high-grade electric guitar. For most dealers high-grade electric guitar is not their main means of profits, but the distribution of high-grade electric guitar will greatly improve the image of the shop, at the same time will attract many customers.
The formation of the middle-grade electric guitar market investigate its fundamental thanks to the low yield of high-grade electric guitar and expensive price. Mid-range electric guitar advantage is obvious – shape with a high grade product difference, also very willing to give up on our accessories, feel is definitely a penny a points goods, but is much better than the cheap products. This advantage in the domestic market is very useful. Due to economic factors, can withstand the price of high-grade electric guitar in our country is very few, but there are many electric guitar enthusiasts, they just want to use 5000 yuan or so commonly elegantly solve the problem, the shape must be ok, of course, to look fancy some accessories. Because they play no fixed style, so they to tone though does not require so professional but to “all”.

Manufacturers of such clients also have a set of elaborate countermeasures. Generally know about electric guitar customers in order to ensure that its sound quality, they will pay attention to the pick-up, vendor fully consider this: in the pickup of this class are generally Seymour Duncan, EMG, Dimarzio series or cooperative development of perfection of pick-up, buyers are usually not notice such a fine, they just want to see their favorite brand label on the pickup. On the bridge, the tuning knob, manufacturers also use and high-grade electric guitar like rose, even so their mid-range series can still will price controls in 4000 ~ 5000 yuan. What makes such a “noble” guitar depreciation? The answer is simple: the wood selection and workmanship. Electric guitar piano wood not only decorative, sound quality and the selection of wood has a very direct relationship. In general manufacturing intermediate jean chooses wood are from Asia, but these (maple wood, basswood, peach core, etc.) of wood are not necessarily can better than your senior of real wood floor of wood. Imagine using some all to create strict in acoustic instruments can get what kind of sound? And is the same wood has, or is the most simple you see 5000 yuan on the eye maple “birds eye” on the density and Wan Yuanqin similar wood can draw equal-sign, so you have to sigh, “a penny a points goods” the golden rule. Work on the accuracy of the difference is more apparent. Seiko production and mass production can bring quality difference for any instrument, such as the body and the neck joint closely degree will directly affect the harp overall resonance, the sound will be pick-up pick up directly, but do manual work is relatively rough, intermediate guitar bad overall resonance has been a ills. This problem is unable to use the method of industrial production solution.

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