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How to learn things continuously in the process of learning guitar?

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:September 12, 2018

Most people learn to play the guitar because they are handsome, or simply like music, like a song, or want to pick up girls. If you reach the initial goal, learn your favorite tune, get recognition, there is often a new impetus. Continue to set a small goal for yourself, such as performing on stage. Keep improving the more difficult tracks. Going to a show can also keep you warm and get new motivation. 11. How do you inject emotions into the performance of a guitar? 1. Instruments are tools for expressing musicso that the tools are completely under your control. 2. music is an emotional medium, and we need to have a thorough understanding of music. 3. more optimistic performance, observe the state of the performer. 12. what is the basic concept of improvisation? The basic concept of improvisation is composition. Just improvising is limited by time. To create and play correctly while playing, the test is the musician’s creativity and control over the instrument.
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