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How to Begin the Basic Introduction of Electric Guitar

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:March 27, 2019

First step, first buy a guitar, what kind of guitar to buy, I think a few hundred dollars is OK, first practice. The second step is that you have a guitar now. First of all, find out the composition of the guitar, which parts of the guitar are made up of, and what is the name of each part. The third step, you have a preliminary understanding of the guitar, then you can start to practice now, how to practice, first climb the lattice for two weeks, may be a bit monotonous, but since you choose the guitar, you must adhere to it. Step 4: After climbing the lattice, your fingers should feel a little bit. Here we begin to learn some basic chords. Step 5: Practice some simple songs and learn to play and sing. Step 6: After the above five books, congratulations on your introduction. Data Expansion Electric Guitar is the product of modern science and technology. There are obvious differences between traditional guitar and electric guitar from appearance to sound. The body is made of new hardwood and equipped with volume, tone regulator and tremolo structure. With the use of effector, electric guitar has a strong expressive force and plays an important role in modern music.

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