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How to adjust the electric guitar “neck” “string” “8 degree tone” “pickup”

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Began to play the guitar and very important adjustment before the link, it is and its necessary and indispensable link.

Step 1: adjust the guitar neck

Guitar neck it easily with the change of the humidity and temperature have some change, someone don’t play for a long time.Guitar no loose strings will also see the guitar neck bow up, this time don’t have a way to, want to adjust to the guitar for scrap. So the adjustment of the guitar neck is the first step to you to buy back the guitar, and do you often do in the future step.First of all, you have to use 2 hand index finger hold the 6 string respectively the first and the last one, and then from the fingerboard side Article 5 to 7 items guitar string guitar and distance between standard between 0.5 to 1 mm, if close Show some guitar neck bent back, this time the reinforcement in the guitar neck should be toward the direction of the counterclockwise twist to moderately relaxed, Let the guitar neck forward recovery. If the guitar neck and guitar distance more than 1 mm, guitar neck have bend forward Phenomenon, this time is him to tighten the screw steel in clockwise direction, let the guitar neck backward adjustment.Irregular guitar neck sometimes there will be a serious phenomenon of goods, will you make small adjustments, this made both The compromise.

How to adjust the electric guitar "neck" "string" "8 degree tone" "pickup"

guitar bassHow to adjust the electric guitar "neck" "string" "8 degree tone" "pickup"

Step 2:8 degrees intonation adjustment

Many buy back home, guitars grade and 12 article 8 degrees between the intonation is not very accurate, this needs you  adjust to make it make the right pitch. First to use the tuning table to each of the strings tuned to the standard, then, do you want from starting with 1 string, empty strings are sounds and then play about 12 article 8 degrees, see and tuning table is not displayed on the pitches is the same, if according to different pitch or less accurate, you need to adjust the guitar bridge location.

guitar bass,How to adjust the electric guitar "neck" "string" "8 degree tone" "pickup"

guitar string,How to adjust the electric guitar "neck" "string" "8 degree tone" "pickup"

guitar string,How to adjust the electric guitar "neck" "string" "8 degree tone" "pickup"

guitar stringguitar string
Tell commonly, if than the standard pitch, must let the guitar bridge backwards, until the right intonation. If lower than the standard, that is about to make the guitar bridge went forward a little, until reach the standard, so that each of the strings again adjustment, 8 degrees to adjust good intonation.

Step 3: adjust the guitar string height

Different people like a guitar string from the distance of the fingerboard is different, it fully embodies the personal style of play. My suggestion is that guitar string by the character of the guitar as nearly as possible, so that you can easily to the sound of pop up. Please note that the distance of the 12 items on the guitar strings and character, the ideal value is on the 6 string both differ 2 MM and 1.5 MM / 1 string, of course, in general it is very difficult to buy a guitar so ideal, then only to adjust their distance not dozen product for the principle.

red forest guitar bass

red forest guitar bass

Step 4: adjust the height of the pickup

Electric guitar sound is to rely on pick-up, because its vibrations on the guitar string generated signals to last through the amplifier. So he is as close to a guitar string distance, the greater the output of the signal, can sound better. But a guitar string amplitude is different in different locations, especially with a crank electric guitar, need to pay attention to the distance to the right, do not be too close, lest meet pick-up guitar string. Also, different pick-up output signal amplitude is not the same. Double coil output power is larger, one coil is small, so be sure to adjust pick-up and the height of a guitar string, you know some people the pursuit of stimulation like to listen to the voice of the guitar feedback, and some people most concerned about is that the feedback, say, feedback in the guitar sound box is a killer, the stronger the signal output is likely to cause the feedback. Love friends, you must pay attention to, it is best not to burn your guitar speakers.

guitar bassguitar bassguitar bassguitar bass

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