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How many guitar playing skills do you know?

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:June 24, 2018

Do you remember the round slip? The left hand fingers and strings of the round glide and the ornamental sound make the strings sound. In the folk guitar six line spectrum, they are represented by H and P respectively.

The tone is a playing skill on the guitar. The glide is the participation of the left hand on the same string from one grade to another. It is divided into uplink and downlink. S is used in the six line spectrum of the guitar.

Play method: the left hand of the first tone of the syllable is pressed well, the right hand is put out, and then the next sound is slid without leaving the finger plate, and the downlink also slides from the first tone to the second tone, and does not leave the finger plate. When playing, pay attention to the left hand of the finger to the string, the finger can not be loosened when skidding, the strength is uniform and moderate, the sliding is smooth, and the relaxation of the left thumb should also be paid attention to.



A stop is also called a silencing. In music performance, the sound can be classified as smooth and leaping. To produce jumping notes, we need to stop the sound.

There are two ways: when the right hand is done, the fingers are placed on the string, and the fingers of the same string can also be the other fingers, so that the sound is stopped. Raise your left hand finger slightly after your right hand strings, and note that the left hand finger can not leave the string, so that we can stop the sound.


“Beat the string.”

The string is a slight bend in the right index finger, middle finger and ring finger. Pay attention to the index finger, middle finger and ring finger together so that the fingers will not slide under the strings. You can also hold your fist in your right hand and pat the strings with the first knuckles of your fingers. This is a very strong skill in wooden guitar. A typical example is Tian Zhen’s “a toast, a friend”.


“Sound making”

The sound making is also called the stuffy. It is divided into two kinds: the right hand and the left hand, which are used in the performance of Pick.

The left hand tone is lightly laid on the string with the left hand finger, and the right hand plays as usual. The right hand tone is pressed by the right palm inside the string near the bridge so that the string can not vibrate completely. This can make a heavy, depressed voice. Note that no matter the left hand or the right hand must not suffocate the string, it can not produce any sound, nor can it be bored. This is a spectrum of left-handed sound, and the difference between attention and cut is different.

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