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Do you want to know what brand of guitar is good and cost effective?

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If you want to pick a guitar, it depends on what price you want, the entry-level Kama, the advanced Fadan Yamaha and so on, and if you want to get a hand or brand, such as Yamaha. Several methods for preliminary testing the quality of a guitar are as follows: 1. Check the pitch, adjust the strings according to the timbre standard of the guitar, and then play the overtone of the twelfth part of the string. If it has the same pitch as the twelfth part of the string, it is qualified. Then check the six strings in turn. 2. Check the feel of the hand. When the guitar is tuned to the standard pitch, the distance between the strings and the fingerboard should be about 4mm at the fourteenth part. Too high a chord will feel laborious, and vice versa will cause the phenomenon of goods. Good hand sensing should be in the absence of typing and any noise, the left finger can easily press any sound, big horizontal press also does not feel laborious. 3. Check the sound quality and play the fifth overtone of each string. The guitar with poor resonance often fails to produce bright overtone. And then do all kinds of strings on the piano, the volume should be changed dramatically. At the same time, the guitar strings with good performance are balanced in volume, sensitive in pronunciation, bright and pure in treble, deep and thick in bass, and the volume of high position will not decrease.

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