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Choose a handmade guitar or a factory guitar

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:December 19, 2018

I would like to talk about some shallow personal thinking about the hand-made and factory piano in recent years, with the aim of peeping into the truth. Do not advertise to anyone, nor affirm or deny which one. Trying to open the corner of the curtain. Try to help those who want to buy piano but have no idea to determine their intentions, not inclined. It’s great if you can inspire your friends to think for themselves.
Important Note: If your teacher has recently strongly recommended some high-priced piano to you, the following text can not be read, otherwise, the consequences of this have your own responsibility (including teaching effect). Most guitar teachers have good professional ethics and will give you some responsible advice, but there are not a few bad teachers. If you encounter such a drop and you have no ability to distinguish, you will be in bad luck.
First, let’s talk about the basic understanding. In my opinion, handmade piano or factory piano are both objects and tools for producers and operators to make a living. They claim that they are not for making a living, but for the sake of art. Their credibility will not exceed one of hundreds of millions. They think that they are not deceived enough to refer to this probability. I don’t believe in birds, even when Master Van Gogh was awake, he still wanted to earn some money!
Since they want to make profits, producers and sellers also have to eat, dress and live. Most of them also want to be able to operate in the long run, and do not want to do too many transactions. Many people really want to build up their own brand and reputation. However, these people who are in the majority are too low-key and timid to tell the truth. They dare to tell the truth. At most, they murmur in a low voice. They do not frankly tell consumers where their reasonable bottom line of profit is. So even if they still retain some virtues but do not have the right to speak, these people are just as hard to believe.
In the general direction, guitar is not a high-tech commodity. Handmade goods and factory goods tend to converge gradually from process to quality. This trend is often obvious. Consumers can judge it by themselves. However, due to the objective differences in material, process, price, tax burden, labor output rate, brand influence and even regional influence, different values will be derived from the actual differences between product usability and input-output.
Inter-value should be the sum of all costs, expenses and reasonable profits. The value of commodities will be reflected in the form of commodity prices in mature markets, so there should not be too much controversy. This is called “nothing in the world”. It should be admitted that the current domestic market of guitar sales and consumption environment is quite bad, the objective differences of goods and excessive deviation from the real value, resulting in endless debates, which is the symbol of immature commodity market and consumption environment. The harsh dripping environment will inevitably be disturbed by mediocrity.
In the harsh consumer environment, most consumers will be trapped in the overwhelming controversy and can not find the north. Profit-seekers will consciously emphasize their own advantages in the controversy, making true and false information flying all over the sky, making consumers at a loss, and finally ending at the expense of their own interests.
The first thing consumers really need to discuss is the usability of goods. Rational consumption should not follow the tune of others. Running with someone else’s tune is tantamount to falling into someone else’s trap sooner or later.
For consumers, usability means applicability plus practicability, and the ratio of usability to exchange value is about the same as what we often call cost-effective bird, right (a little around, ha-ha)? Any commodity can list a lot of particularities compared with other types of commodities, but commodities are commodities, particularity can not and should not cover up the nature of its commodities. That is: exchange value. The definition of political and economic significance is not discussed here in order to avoid being entangled.
Most of the information consumers get from public channels will be distorted due to the relationship between discourse power to a considerable extent. In fact, many claims which seem to be reasonable and often for the benefit of consumers are mixed with too many private goods, which make the truth and falsehood of people difficult to understand and suffer from. This must be noted.

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