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Care for your guitar – Part #1

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:March 25, 2021

Precautions for the maintenance of the guitar

❶Avoid sudden temperature changes

  • Avoid direct sunlight;
  • Don’t put it next to a heater or stove;
  • Do not put it on the ground if there is floor heating;
  • Do not leave it in the car for a long time in summer;
  • If you are performing outdoors or staying for a long time in winter, it is best to keep the piano away from the heat source after entering a warm room to let him gradually heat up to avoid rapid heating of the piano body.

❷Avoid sudden changes in humidity

  • Normally, the indoor humidity should be kept at 40~60;
  • If the room is too dry and the humidity is lower than 40, it is recommended not to use that kind of spray humidifier. The easiest and direct way is to mop the floor with a wet mop, and then wash a few clothes (or wet towels) and hang directly indoors. Rise rapidly
    You can also put a basin of clean water in the room, or raise a tank of fish directly;

If the indoor humidity is too high, higher than 70, it is generally caused by rainy weather, no sunlight in the room, and poor ventilation.

  • The first method: buy the finished bag of desiccant and place it in the guitar sound hole; if the piano is in the case, you should also put some desiccant in the case; (a treasure search: guitar desiccant, or instrument desiccant )
  • The second method is to use the “dehumidification” function of the air conditioner, which can quickly reduce the humidity;
  • Third: After the weather is clear, or when there is wind, open the windows for ventilation. Don’t put the guitar in the box at this time, it should be placed on the piano stand to dehumidify him.

❸Avoid bumps and collisions

Because veneer pianos are usually lighter and thinner, they are also more fragile. They are more sensitive and fragile than plywood pianos and fire sticks, so physical damage to the piano should be avoided as much as possible.
I recommend the mono brand piano bag, which is strong, heavy, and soft inside, and feels safe after being put on the back.

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