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Can I play classical music with a sound guitar?

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:July 05, 2018

You can understand that there are two schools of folk genre and classical genre. These two schools are best suited to folk guitars and classical guitars. After all, the sound of classical guitar is round, and the guitar of folk music is loud and powerful. The classical guitar itself is suitable for melodic classical music, while the rhythm of folk guitar is more suitable for accompaniment accompaniment. In other words, the classical guitar did not deliberately emphasize a part of the voice, and the ballads produced by the guitar were easier to separate the melody and accompaniment. Apart from the difference between the timbre and the handle of the guitar itself, the classical school pays more attention to basic skills and requirements. So the progress is slow, but the results are very good. Folk guitar skills are relatively abundant, but relatively casual. The harsh posture of classical guitar needs to achieve a better voice. Some good things must start from the foundation, otherwise bad habits will be harder to correct than novice. Comparatively speaking, the learning process of classical guitar is slow and boring. Then classical and classical music played, appreciated, and created a higher threshold than the folk guitar (and the corresponding genres, including the fingers), as well as music played to religion and aristocrats since ancient times. And the finger (I’m not vilified, he’s hard, no tearing) is often the element of the country, Bruce and other music, the two elements are poor people’s music, and the complex and difficult bones are also the type of public listening to entertainment. Music, early classical music, but “divinity”. So from a number of angles, classical music behind classical guitar is more elegant. As a matter of fact, these two instruments are not very suitable except for their feelings and timbre. In fact, folk music is usually used to play classical music, or in turn to play classical music.

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