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Beginner guitar!

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:August 18, 2019

Ha ha, what a coincidence. I am also a beginner of guitar. I have studied for four days by myself. It feels very simple (but I have steel guitar and zither foundation). I read books by myself. What kind of guitar did you buy? Is it a folk guitar or a classical guitar? I practice guitar in general, with the aim of playing and singing by myself. You can buy your own books, and ask the guitar teacher to help you choose a suitable one. I used the “folk guitar system tutorial” (compiled by Li Feida). The owner of the guitar shop helped me choose it. He said that this book is better for self-study, and I think it is good for me. The book is very detailed, from posture. Every time you look at the music, you have to talk about it. Buying books must be carefully read, many books have no teaching foundation, just give you some music to play, such books are not useful, but also mislead self-taught people. Or you can find a teacher for a few lessons and learn some basic skills, but you must find one-to-one teachers. It is not effective to teach with a group of people. One-to-one classes usually cost 7,80 yuan a class (I’m in Guangdong). About four or five classes are enough. Wish you success!

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