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Adjustment Method of Electric Guitar Products

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:February 07, 2019

1. When the guitar is bought, it’s good. When the place is changed and the climate changes, it’s ready to be sold! This is the principle of metal’s heat rise and shrink! Never mind, it’s just warm in the day! Try not to adjust it easily! The guitar should be protected and not let the guitar get hot and damp!
2. Adjust the height of the guitar bridge, or consider changing the pillow! Harmonize the height of the neck and chord! The neck and bridge are debugged and tested repeatedly to find the best point. Note: Adjust slowly, carefully, carefully!
3. The intensity of playing also has something to do with it! If you play hard, it will be a bit of a hit!
4. You can adjust the neck of the guitar and twist the inner hexagonal screw holes on the head! Twist bit by bit, try the effect bit by bit! Clockwise, the strings will be loose, counterclockwise tight, pay attention to making the neck of the guitar moderately bent, bent towards the fingerboard side! But don’t tune more, the pitch will be destroyed!
5. The thicker the guitar strings, the softer and mellower the sound. The harder the material, the brighter the sound (e.g. carbon treble). The lower the tension, the more comfortable the strings are, but it also increases the possibilities of making goods (of course, the main problem of making goods is the guitar itself).
6. The order of adjusting the guitar is to knock on copper, cushion the golden bridge, adjust the fingerboard reinforcement bar, toss the pillow! Low-grade guitar, typically with one or both sides of the silk up, can be improved by knocking on the silk, cushioning the golden bridge! With a plastic hammer, shorten the high silk hammer a little bit!

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