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11 tips to help you start practicing your guitar.

The author:new-goldsione    Release time:August 24, 2018

Here are 11 tips to help you get started.
1. body coordination. Like a pianist, you have to play different rhythms fluently with both hands at the same time, or like a drummer, your limbs can play independently, and you have to mix the sweeping and singing rhythms to better express them. Playing and singing are not two separate things.
2. simple rhythm. Do not choose songs that are not suitable for your playing level. This will only frustrate you. Try to play some simple songs that you like and are familiar with. Choose a song that uses only a few chords and is not complicated and the lyrics are easy to remember, such as Happy Birthday. Or you can learn one or two songs from ten famous songs with only three or fewer chords.
3. master the basic knowledge of guitar. For example, try to remember how B7 and string are pressed while singing, and you can do both things invisibly at the same time. You have to reach a level that easily converts chords. You can sweep out songs without any thought. Only in this way can you concentrate on singing.

4. follow the metronome. To have a better sense of rhythm, you need to follow the metronome to practice. Though initially felt bound, metronome can make you a better musician. Choose some simple sweeping rhythms and spend 10 minutes a day following the metronome. In a few weeks you’ll find yourself making great progress.
5. learn how to play a song. Play the song on the guitar until you can write it down and play it fluently. When you can play and read, or when you can play the song well while watching TV and chatting, it proves that you have mastered the part of the song.
6. learn how to sing a song. In addition to mastering chord transformation, you need to know the lyrics of songs. This may require you to put your guitar down and concentrate on singing. Choose a song, remember the lyrics, sing it out loud, sing it with the song, sing it in the bath, sing it to your cat. When you can sing this song freely, you can try to combine play and singing.

7. learn to hum first. You may find it more helpful to play the melody while playing. Because it helps you concentrate on the chord switching instead of focusing directly on the lyrics. When you can hum parts of the melody while playing it skillfully, you can slowly integrate the singing into the playing.
8. slow down. It is much more effective to play slowly and accurately. Slowly line by line, piece by piece to sing, to ensure that there is no error, gradually reduce the error, the speed naturally up.
9., break the playing way. If the songs you play need to be decomposed and played, you will be more effective starting from the base. The first step is to sweep the chords in a simple sweep, and when you can play the song well, switch to a more complex sweep, and then start playing in a decomposed way.

10. transfer. If you find that there is no sound to sing, then you need to tone up the guitar to match your voice. Move the chords to one or two positions, and you can sing the high notes and the bass. You can also use tone sandhi to adjust so that there is no need to change according to the chord pattern.
11. practice. It takes practice to learn how to sing while playing. Even if you have mastered the basic skills, you still need to learn a lot of songs to enrich yourself, you may encounter some complex rhythms, which will be a challenge. When this happens, you should take the song apart and practice where it’s problematic, just as you did when you were just beginning to learn how to combine playing and singing.

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